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Nov 1, 2013 1:05am PDT
stupid mistake of believing that i had to save him. >>reporter: after rehab nadia won election for supervisor. high point of her career. but on the personal front she tells me argument with her husband led to an affair with him and own addiction to meth. >> he introduced me to meth. s i was an elected official and i was a mother and wife and i made that terrible bad choice. i'm responsible for making it. >>reporter: steve refused to be interviewed for the story. i'm completely clean and sober since january. focus on my so bright and continue okay the path of rebe my life. i made too much progress to bring up the past. she first used meth parking his car. >> was it mostly clear to you that i'm in trouble when the smoke was in your lung. thinks addicting. >> that went a thought in my head i would have stopped. it was, it was i enjoy this i like it. and then. >>reporter: was it powerful attraction to it. >> it was immediate. >>reporter: nadia and bill began living apart and she tried to break up with chick several times but he threatened to expose her secret life and reveal he had a s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1